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Audio Flash 1.4

An useful tool to add MP3 audio to your web pages with an embedded SWF player
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AudioFlash is an incredibly useful tool to add MP3 audio to your web pages in a simple and easy way. And it is free! The program allows you to use an existing MP3 file or to make a new MP3 recording. Then, you just need to select any of the pre-set designs available, and AudioFlash will create a full HTML page with a SWF player that you can use to listen to your audio track.

AudioFlash works efficiently and quickly, and it includes more than a hundred different colour patterns for the buttons in your player. The program creates an HTML page with a Shockwave Flash player with the three basic buttons (play, pause, and stop) and a link to the MP3 file you selected or created with AudioFlash. You can use AudioFlash either to copy and paste the code into your own web page, or to upload it to your server.

To ensure the high quality of the MP3 file created, AudioFlash includes the Lame MP3 encoder. When recording a new track, you are given the possibility of selecting the level of quality you want to apply to your new audio file. You can decide on the sampling rate, the bit rate (up to 320 kbps) and the number of channels (mono or stereo).

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